AVTEC Scout E4

AVTEC Scout E4

Avtec’s Full-Featured Four-Channel Dispatch Solution

The Avtec Scout E4 dispatch console is a smart option for smaller operations requiring fewer communications channels or for organizations seeking to expand existing Scout Enterprise systems. Built on the same technology as our flagship Scout EX solution, enhance your dispatch operations with this reliable, scalable, and full-featured offering.

Avtec’s Scout E4 offering allows up to four radio or telephony channels at a time on fixed or mobile consoles. With Avtec’s Scout Enterprise platform as its foundation, Scout E4 is deliberately designed to easily scale to fit your needs as well as to integrate with leading radio, telephony, and broadband technologies. These benefits deliver maximum value for a minimal investment.


  • Supports 4 Active Endpoints
  • Uses Software Audio Package
  • Supports Free Seating
  • Supports ResourcePro Screen Control
  • Supports Scout Instant Recall Recorder (IRR)
  • Connects to 11 Speakers
  • Supports Telephony, Radio, and Auxiliary Input/Output Endpoints
  • Supports Five Patches


Have peace of mind knowing Avtec is committed to your security. Our Scout Enterprise solutions feature such measures as several layers of optional password protection and undergo rigorous tests for vulnerabilities prior to each release. Customers under our ScoutCare™ software maintenance and remote support program receive the latest releases and patches for enhanced security.


Be confident in this fully redundant system designed to maintain operations in every situation and able to support geographically dispersed architecture. Join six major U.S. airlines, 70% of North America’s Class I railroads, 60 global utilities, dozens of Fortune 500 companies, and thousands of first responders in trusting the Scout Enterprise family and the team behind it.

Scalability and Ease of Migration

Build the dispatch communication system you need now knowing your investment is safe for the long run. The solutions of the Scout Enterprise family are fully interoperable, allowing you to add capacity and capabilities as your needs grow and change while minimizing the scope of, or even removing the need for, migration.


Need to replicate a legacy console system to ease the transition to a new system? Have a complicated workflow that requires a specific layout to minimize errors and maximize efficiency? No matter the need, the graphical user interface of Scout Enterprise consoles is fully customizable to your team’s preferences to minimize training and enhance operations.


Monitor and manage operations while away from central dispatch and stay current on ongoing incidents. A mobile license enables the deployment of Avtec Scout E4 consoles on a laptop or a tablet—on-premises or in the field—to deliver the flexibility you need to keep your center running at optimum efficiency, no matter your location.


Rest assured, regardless of the type of communication system deployed, Scout E4 can connect to it. Avtec’s Scout Enterprise solutions support conventional and trunked radios with standards-based or proprietary interfaces, as well as broadband push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) and telephony technologies, to not only honor, but also maximize, your investments in all systems.

Dispersed or Centralized

Discover the reliability and ease of the distributed architecture of Scout. The Enterprise family of solutions not only provide high scalability and load balancing for the most demanding communications environments, but also simplifies system management and configuration from one or multiple locations, whether you require centralized or decentralized dispatching.

Beyond Voice

Achieve seamless integration with non-voice platforms, including logging recorders from various vendors to store audio and its metadata (e.g., radio IDs and phone numbers), which eases recording retrieval. With our flexible API, control AUX I/O devices, SIP devices and peripherals, and access web-based resources such as cameras, video feeds and weather applications from the console.

Your dispatch communications consoles sit at the core of your organization’s communications, helping connect people to the resources they need. There are many factors that play into the selection of such a system, and your existing applications and tools should never disqualify the right dispatch communications system.

That’s why Avtec designed their Scout Enterprise platform with a single-source code that enables seamless integration of leading third-party technologies. In other words, you have freedom to connect any of your chosen communications solutions, including conventional and trunked radios, push-to-talk over cellular, SIP and analog telephony, logging recorders and more. This freedom not only simplifies your upgrade and migration strategies but also protects your previous investments.

All Scout consoles come with the following capabilities:

  • MOTOTRBO™ Integration
  • SMARTNET® / SmartZone™ Trunked Integration
  • P25 Trunk & Conventional Ph 1 & 2 (Includes ASTRO)
  • Permanent Patch
  • NENA Support (Headset Sharing)*
  • Instant Recall Recorders (IRR) / Log Recorders / Mobility*

* Excludes Scout E1

Your dispatch communications platform needs to offer the freedom to select the right tools for the job. Avtec’s Scout console integrates with the widest variety of technologies in the dispatch industry – including legacy and next-generation radio, telephony, recording, and broadband/LTE technologies. With Avtec, you get the flexibility to build a best-of-breed solution to meet the mission-critical communications challenges of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Scoutcare Has You Covered—Today, And Tomorrow
ScoutCare™ is Avtec’s software maintenance and support program and is designed for clients who value the security and performance of their systems. As part of the subscription, ScoutCare provides for maximum system uptime with access to trained technical support specialists, among many other benefits, which enables you to focus on your core business and on managing your operations.

If you prefer to maintain your own Scout dispatch console system, Avtec includes administrator training as part of ScoutCare to provide you with the skills to service your own system. This comprehensive approach to customer engagement provides you with a reliable system and a team you can trust.