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In-Building & Outdoor Bi-Directional Amplifier Products

Turnkey Projects

We deliver complete turnkey solutions for wireless coverage. We manage the entire project with full responsibility, starting with analyzing and determining required signal strength, quality and planning for future expansion, right through implementation and operations. IC&E works with Motorola to design EMR and Powerwave turnkey systems which are backed by full performance and cost guarantees, with full product and component warranties for your peace of mind.


As new wireless services, technologies and opportunities emerge, the ability to rapidly adapt will become even more vital to network operators, building owners and public safety agencies. That's why EMR & Powerwave engineers build flexibility into every system. It's why we choose components that are modular and adaptable. And it's why our coverage solutions are built from the ground up to be versatile.



Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs) are designed to extend two-way voice and data coverage into enclosed environments experiencing coverage deficiency such as inside buildings, tunnels, garages and other challenging RF shielded structures.



Powerwave carries a full line of passive products designed to assist in the distribution of RF signals. These products include signal taps, cables, indoor antennas and more.