Motorola APX™ 4500 Original P25 Mobile Radio

P25 Operation | Single Band Operation | O2 Control Head Support | Affordable P25 Solution

Be Better Equipped To Be Mission Ready

Motorola APX4500
A downed power line or the city transit system coming to a halt during rush hour, when the unexpected strikes, you must interoperate seamlessly and securely with other agencies and responders - often across multiple Project 25 (P25) systems. You need to instantly connect and be informed to make better decisions and respond effectively. While the advanced technology of APX™ radios expertly equips you for the unexpected, your organization may be challenged to improve operating expenses.

That's where the APX 4500 P25 mobile radio fits the bill perfectly. It delivers all the benefits of TDMA technology in a compact P25 capable mobile. The APX 4500 brings together powerful technology in an easy-to-use radio that's easy on your budget. It seamlessly unifies public works, utility, rural public safety and transportation users to first responders so they can communicate effectively in the moments that matter.

For the enhanced APX 4500 featuring Wi-Fi and Impact detection: click here

Conveniently Small, Easy To Install
The APX 4500 is designed to get the job done without getting in the way. A simplified dash mount design makes installation quick and easy, fitting into the existing XTL™ footprint so you can reuse mounting holes and cables.

Count on the APX 4500 to withstand wet, dusty and hazardous conditions, too. Its IP56 durability rating is the highest level of certification for uncompromising durability and world class quality in a mobile performer you can hose down.

Keeps Crews In Touch, And Up To The Minute
Safety runs in the APX family and the APX 4500 mobile is no exception. Like all our APX P25 radios trusted by responders worldwide, the APX 4500 mobile redefines safety. Your crews can count on quick, seamless interoperability and extended range - whether they are talking from the top of a pole or the bottom of a trench. You can depend on AES encryption for secure, tamperproof voice and data communications every time they connect.

With integrated GPS in the APX 4500, you can keep an eye on workers and assets you can't see, tracking their locations continuously. The O2 control head with color display is easy to read and operate in all lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to dark streets. The intelligent lighting on the O2 control head notifies your workers when a call is received, an emergency arises, or when they are out of range. Plus, an enlarged multifunction knob makes it easy to use talk-group and volume settings when they're wearing gloves.

Over-the-air programming on the APX 4500 keeps your crews current in the field. You can update the latest mobile without interrupting voice communications while they work.

Sized Right For Your Budget
The APX 4500 lets you reuse many accessories which utilize the O5 and O3 control heads on XTL radios, so you can maximize your investment while you benefit from the latest technology. Since the APX 4500 is P25 Phase 2 capable for twice the voice capacity, you can add more users without adding more frequencies or infrastructure. It is backwards and forwards compatible with all Motorola mission-critical radio systems, so you can interoperate with confidence while you improve operating expenses.

Motorola APX 4500 Features and Benefits

Ease of Installation
Simplified dash mount design is quick and easy to install

RFID Asset Tracking
12-Character RF ID asset tracking provides a convenient method of obtaining valuable asset tracking information without having to uninstall the radio.

Twice the voice capacity, allowing additional users on the system without the need for additional frequencies or infrastructure.

Integrated GPS
Integrated GPS receiver can transmit the outdoor location of a vehicle to a map-based location application.

AES encryption provides secure voice and data communications.

Intelligent Lighting
Intelligent lighting provides information at a glance by using color to notify the user of the radio mode, potential emergencies, or specific events.

Radio Profiles
Radios can be configured with multiple user-selected or automated operating behaviors such as audio level, lighting and tones.

Text Messaging
Efficiently send and receive free-form or canned text messages to and from subscribers or dispatch operators.

Unified Call List
Consolidates all call lists underneath one unified list.

Voice Announcement
Audible, pre-recorded voice file provides a description of the selected channel or zone.

Programming over Project 25 (POP25)
Motorola's POP25 solution allows subscriber radios to be programmed over the air via the ASTRO 25 systems while remaining in the field.

Rugged Durability
Meets IP56 water-intrusion ratings for driving rain giving you the confidence that your mobile will continue performing even if exposed to water.

Systems Supported

Trunking standards supported:

  • Clear or digital encrypted ASTRO®25 Trunked Operation
  • Capable of SmartZone®, SmartZone Omnilink, SmartNet®
  • Capable of P25 Phase 2 - TDMA

Analog MDC-1200 and Digital APCO P25 Conventional

Motorola APX 4500 Models

Low/Mid Power
M22SSS9PW1NUHF Range 2 (450-520 MHz), Low/Mid Power, 512 Channels

Motorola APX 4500 Accessories

Whether you use your radio in your vehicle, on your motorcycle or at your desk, you need to know that every word is communicated and every message is heard. Every APX mobile accessory has been designed and thoroughly tested to provide the same high level of performance you expect from your radio. Many accessories from Motorola XTL radios that use O5 and O3 control heads can be reused - maximizing your investment while you maintain the latest technology.

Unique accessories such as the IMPRES™ visor microphone allow hands-free communication, while IMPRES technology helps ensure your voice is heard regardless of how closely you are speaking into the microphone or how much wind or road noise is in the background.

Motorola accessories deliver maximum flexibility without compromising voice and data performance.

The complete line includes:

  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Sirens and Public Address Kits
  • Control Station Accessories
  • Remote Mount Cables
  • Antennas

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